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Monthly update [May. 11th, 2009|08:11 am]
Looking back over LJ, noticed I haven't updated for at least a month.  Since the last update I have finished my class on CS4 Illustrator, got the company I work for to pay for the course as well as they are willing to pay for the next couple of classes will will earn me a Graphics and Animation Certificate. The next class I'll be taking I think will be the Introduction to Flash.  Get to learn about making animation and tieing those clips to websites.  The course is another 6 week course with 12 lessons, starts next week and the Sales and Marketing person has already agreed to have the company pay for it as well..  Work has been more stressful than it should, mainly because we are putting a new comprehensive product catalogue and the person in charge of it has been having me do revisions, proofing, designing new labels for all the products, getting the labels printed.  I also have had to do the usual designing of new labels for potential customers and keeping up the revisions on the current list of customers.  We are looking to bring on a new laser printer/duplicator so we can do more of the labels in-house for faster turn-around.  Currently whenever a customer approves their finished label, I send it out to be printed which takes about 5 business days after I have approved the final design layout.  With the new laser printer I would be able to send it directly to the printer and have the requested number needed printed and trimmed.  We had been looking it a printer like the one one of our label suppliers has and when we finally make the decision to buy, I'm told that model is no longer available, but here's one that will do the job just as good.  However the warm colors are somewhat muddy.  So I'm roughly starting over on the purchase.  Of course the bosses are wanting to know why it is taking me so long when the truth is if they had acted back in January/February when I first had the printer rep make his presentation we would have the machine I wanted.  Been putting in 40+ hour weeks.

On the family front, with my mother's death, my younger sister has became more of a "princess".  She and my brother who happens to be my parents executor went to my uncle who owned half of the business I used to work for and complained how I had embezzled from the company, cooked the books to hide the fact and am trying to steal even more money from the company by claiming I had an agreement with my parents which I forced them into.  The result of which was my uncle calling me up, blessing me out, demanding I return the company car I was driving and not willing to listen to anything I said in defense.  Over the few days which followed he calmed down, apologized and actually listened to my side.  He has since called an apologized even more, especially after my brother called him up demanding money from the company to pay off some of our parents bills.  My uncle has told me that he will very disappointed in they way my brother and younger sister have treated me and that he will make sure in his will that I receive what should have been due me from my parents' estate.  My brother has told me I have to get the mortgage for the house I have in NC switched from my parents to my name even though my parents assured me it would be paid for and deeded to me.  So I'm working on that.  I have had to get a new car.

The past weekend I went to my first Renaissance Faire in Fairburn, GA.  Huffdaddy atl, D!, Altversaguy, Sprakles McGlitter and myself all went down on Mother's Day.  Had fun, Huffdaddyatl, D! and myself bought return tickets for this next weekend (Scots and Kilts weekend).  I hope we go on Saturday so I can take Sunday to re-coop.  Got up Sunday morning at 6am to drive to D! and Huffdaddyatl's house in East Point.  Then all of us went to breakfast and heading to the festival.  Had about an hour to kill before gates opened.  Had fun looking at all the ren faire themed crafts, many of which I can do or know where to purchase the products.  Who knows, maybe I'll start doing the ren circuit.  The faire is here in Georgia for about 2 months, only weekends, but the crafts would have to be appropriate as well I would have to dress in costume.

To help make with the budget I'll most likely have to move, so this week I'm going to start looking for someplace closer to work.  I choose Acworth because it was about half way between work and the perimeter, thinking I would be heading to Atlanta more than I have.  Since it looks like I will most likely only head to Atlanta on the weekends, I going to try to find someplace closer to work, hopefully a lot cheaper to offset the extra monies I'm going to have to lay out each month.  Still have the option of suing the company I used to work for for the money they still owe me, which I could very easily pay-off the house, or pay-off the car and still have money left over to put in the bank.  But I'm rather hesitate about suing my parents' estate as well as my uncle.  Even if I received all the remaining money owed on the purchase I would still lose several thousand dollars.
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Taken from Audiodubliner [Apr. 6th, 2009|02:19 pm]

40 Secrets about yourself.
Be honest no matter what.

[one] Have you ever been asked out before?
Yes, usually when I was in a quasi-relationship and couldn’t accept.

[two] Where was your LJ profile picture taken?
Drew it so I could have a business logo.

[three] What's your middle name?

[four] Your current relationship status?
Complicated, the guy I’m involved with is currently married but his marriage has been on the rocks for several years and they are only together until the youngest is out of school.

[five] Does your crush like you back?
I think so

[six] What is your current mood?

[seven] What color of underwear are you wearing?
White, briefs

[eight] What color shirt are you wearing?
Deep red

[nine] Missing something?
My foreskin

[ten] If you could go back in time and change something, what would you change?
Depending on how far back and if it could just be changing something about me or change for someone else. If it was only in the past 25 years, I would take my guaranteed student loan and invest in either AOL, Intel or Microsoft. If it was my life, going back to keep my foreskin.

[eleven] If you must be an animal for one day, what would you be?
Hawk, polar bear or dolphin

[twelve] Ever had a near death experience?
Most likely

[thirteen] Something you do a lot?
Starting a business

[fourteen] The song stuck in your head?
Nothing at the moment

[fifteen] Who did you copy and paste this from?

[sixteen] Name someone who has the same birthday as you.
My aunt same day, My father was one day before, my sweetie’s youngest son is one day later.

[seventeen] When was the last time you cried?
On Saturday (04.04) during my mother’s funereal.

[eighteen] Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?

[nineteen] If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Being able to change shape

[twenty] What’s the first thing you notice about the preferred sex?
Usually their face is they are facing me.

[twenty-one] What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Usually don’t go to Starbucks but the last time was an grande Hot Chocolate

[twenty-two] What's your biggest secret?
I’m not as confident as some think I am

[twenty-three] Favorite color?

[twenty-four] Do you still watch kiddie shows or tv shows?
I have Avatar, the Last Air-Bender on DVD along with Animanics and Looney Tune collection

[twenty-five] What is a line from one of your favorite songs?
"I’m God’s own drunk and a fearless man" - Jimmy Buffett’s God’s own Drunk

[twenty-six] What are you?
Right now, a little bored

[twenty-seven] Do you speak any other language?
A little Spanish and a little ASL

[twenty-eight] What's your favorite smell?
cedar, cinnamon, cloves, cut grass

[twenty-nine] Describe your life in one word what would it be?

[thirty] What is one thing you would like to learn how to do?
Would like to learn to turn wood, get better at working with molten glass, goldsmithing

[thirty-one] Have you ever kissed in the rain?

[thirty-two] What are you thinking about right now?
He guy who kissed me in the rain and the rest of the evening

[thirty-three] What should you be doing?
Moving items I have in storage from the building to my house in NC

[thirty-four] Who was the last person to make you upset/angry?
My younger sister over money that is owed to me from a company I used to work for and she has the ability to write checks on the account.

[thirty-five] How often do you talk to God?
Almost every night I proclaim my love for the man in my life and ask that the universe protect him.

[thirty-six] Do you like working in the yard?

[thirty-seven] If you could have any name in the world, what would you want?
Alan, but I would change the spelling of my name to Daffydd Allynne (Welsh)

[thirty-eight] Do you act differently around the person you like?
I do change to being more touchy feely and a little giddy

[thirty-nine] What is your natural hair color?
Dark brown

[forty] Who was the last person to make you smile?

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Taken from Audiodubliner who stole it from Chronicpaint [Feb. 6th, 2009|10:22 am]

(1) Is there anyone on your friends list you would have sex with??

(2) Sex in the morning,? afternoon or night??

(3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke??
Yes, but I wasn’t the puker, my adopted brother was shit-faced drunk and I had to pull over so he could drive the bus.

(4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money??

(5) Shower or bath while having sex?
I’ve done both. But I’d much rather more room so either the bed or floor.

(6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?

(7) Do you like someone in your friends list?

(8) Love or Money?
Why not both?

(9) Credit card or cash?
Credit cards for the thank you points

(10) Have you ever wanted a best friend?
I’m lucky in that I have 4 people who I would consider BFs. Huffdaddyatl, my adopted brother, Lynn and Alan

(11) Camping or a 5 star hotel?
5 star hotel

(12) Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?
Most likely either work or at one guy’s house while his wife was asleep in the next room.

(13) Would you shave your entire body (Including your head)???
Would be a long shave, and real itchy when it started to grow back.

(14) Have you ever been to a strip club??
Yes both male and female.

(15) Ever been to a bar?
Yes, worked in one for over a year as doorman, bouncer and back-up bar tender. Still work for charity and occasionally go out.

(16) Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club?

(17) Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you?
No, but I’ve had to carry plenty of other people who were drunk.

(18) Had sex in a movie theater?
No, not even an adult movie theater.

(19) Had sex in a bathroom?
Yes, the guy was REALLY hot .

(20) Have you ever had sex at work?
Yes, with several different people over the years. Some were employees, some were friends who had stopped by to see me after work, others were men who did work for the company but were not employees like the uncut daddy mechanic who stills likes to get together for a quickee.

(21) Ever been to an adult store?
Yes, I worked in a semi-adult store for over a year and was slated to manager one but it never got zoning approval.

(22) Bought something from an adult store?
Most of the time I’ll buy things for friends as either real gifts or gag gifts.

(23) Have you been caught having sex?
Almost got caught by my mother blowing one of my friends at work.

(24) Does anyone have naughty pics of you?

(25) Ever had sex with someone and called them by the wrong name?
Close, but when I can’t remember their name they cum when I call them "Daddy".

(26) Who do you think has the guts to repost this?
Don’t know most likely most.

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IT'S "DRAW A DINOSAUR DAY" [Jan. 30th, 2009|08:23 am]
[music |Michael Buble]

"I can make a hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl!"

I know it's lame but I'm getting ready to head back to NC for the weekend.  Sort of a zen-dinosaur.  Well Happy Draw-A-Dinsoaur Day everyone.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2009|07:29 am]
[Current Location |The Office in Georgia]
[mood |pensivepensive]
[music |Ray Charles, Tim McGraw, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Ferry, Dolly Parton, Gary Allen]

Tried calling Lynn yesterday, I had a call from his brother, Steve, Monday night to let me know that Lynn had past out of his couch and was in no position to drive back to Ramseur.  Lynn fell off the wagon big time last month and I've been trying ot get him to get help for his alcoholism but he has tons of excuses.  Well yesterday he committed himself to a 28-day program for substance abuse, and I hope he'll take this time to re-evaluate his life and its relationship with alcohol.  I talked with Steve for almost an hour last night and we talked about Lynn's relationship with everyone, as well as the home situation for Lynn.  Lynn hates seeing anyone upset with someone else, over Christmas, Steve and their father got into an argument over politics   This upset Lynn and when he was driving back to Ramseur from Steve's place in Greensboro he drank most of a bottle of vodka.  I was able to get him to pull-over and I went to collect him and we talked maybe 2 hours while he processed some of the alcohol.  He told me he couldn't stand having his brother and father mad at each other and the effect on his mother.  I finally got him to think about how upset his mother will be when she learns he got drunk again and how upset she'll be at that.  I finally was able to get him to agree to start going back to AA.  He went once when I was in NC but after that he always some excuse for missing the other meetings. 

This last trigger was taking Trent back to Appalachian State on Sunday.  Trent had been home for almost a month and Lynn was sad to see him go back to college.  Trent had talked about how much he'll miss being at home and around his old schoolmates and Lynn called me late Sunday night after returning from App.  I talked with Trent about maybe looking into transferring to UNC-G and he could stay at home and commute back and forth but he has started making some friends at App and discovered he loves snowboarding.  I told Steve I would talk to Trent about everything and will need to call him tonight.  I told Trent to stay at App that he needs to try not to worry, to focus on starting the semester.

I was planning on driving back to NC this weekend but right now I'm not sure,  I told Steve I wanted Lynn to get better and right now the best place for him is in recovery away from everyone so he can get better.  After his month hopefully he'll realize he can not drink anything, he needs to attend his AA meetings every night, at least for several months, and get clear headed about what he wants and what he needs.
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2009|09:24 am]
[Current Location |Office]
[music |Linda Ronstadt, Kathy Mattea & Jackson Browne, Jo-El Sonnier, Roy Orbison]

Getting back into the work thing from a REALLY bad holiday season.  On the 19th of December my father died of congestive heart failure, he was in the hospital trying to get him to lose 35 lbs of fluid weight.  We buried him on the 22nd.  The grave side service was full military and was nicely done.  I had one friend tell me he needed to show the honor gaurd from where he lived so they would how a military service should be done.  On Christmas Eve we had to admit my mother for anxiety to the hospital, but she was released on Christmas Day.  After getting my mother back into her house, I received a call from a good friend who had a big fright with his brother and had drank about a fifth of vodka, so I went and stayed with him until he sobered some.  Then I got him home and got him to agree to start going back to AA which he has, tonight will be starting his 2nd week.

On New Year's Eve, Roger came by and installed new plugs into the car.  I had a Check Engine light on and when accelerating it would flash.  Roger told me it was a misfire.  Took the car over to the dealership and they checked the codes and told me I needed a Coil Pack, a new transmission and my water pump was leaking.  When Roger was installing the spark-plugs he checked the Coil Pack and told me it looked good, hardly any wear on it after 98,000 miles.  Had 2 plugs which were fouled and when he checked the radiator cap, he discovered the gaskets were where I was losing the coolant not the water pump.  I had the codes cleared and drove back to GA without any problems.  I'm back to getting 28 MPG on the open road.  Haven't decided what if anything I'll do about the dealership.  I told them what the problems were but because I'm not a "trained tech" I must be wrong, just because I know when the problem started and when it acts up.

Finally got all but Julian's and Martha's presents delivered.  I'll most likely take them down when I back in NC, that way I can pick-up the present he has for me.  Martha told me she wanted me to decorate Julian's new house in Pine Bluff.  Actually drove back from NC on New Year's Day.
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2008|12:37 pm]
[Current Location |At the office in Cartersville]
[music |KT Oslin, Vangelis, George Michael]

Left for NC around 9:30 last Friday (12.12), dad was admitted to the hospital on the 10th to reduce the amount of fluid he had in his body.  The doctors would like for him to shed about 35 pounds of water and gave him a group of drugs to help him along and he had an adverse reaction to the combination.  I had enough hours for the week and so I left to see how he was doing and to hopeful get several things written down if things don't work out.  When I went to work for him and mom I was told the company would be for my retirement and after a few years their share of the company would be signed over to me.  When we sold the company Fall of '07, he told me that the monthly payments would be mine and when the building was sold, my house would be paid for.  Since none of this was written down of course know he is saying that he needs to share the proceeds with the rest of the family members since they had all worked there at some point.  Most of the family members only worked there temporarily when we were in a bind and they were paid for their work.  I was always promised that one day the company would be mine, which of course I stupidly believed.

Any way I drove straight from Acworth to the hospital to see him.  I told him I would go by the office and write checks for my mother to sign to pay various bills, as well as write the check for my uncle to pay him his share of the sale of the company for December.  I had to go through and pull the payments for all the utilities and insurances from August to date, add them, divide by half and add the several months of cell service.  Then divide the total owed by my uncle in half and subtract from the monthly payment.  Did all that and drove the checks over to my parents for my mother to sign.  Last month she was in the hospital for her heart, when she was performing a stress test at a doctor's office across from the hospital, she suffered a heart attack and they admitted her the week before Thanksgiving.  Since then she has been getting worse and she has decided to go ahead and have the heart surgery to replace to valves and put in 3 to 5 stints.  She is going to the doctors this morning and she may have the surgery as soon as this evening.  I told dad he had to get better so they could have the room for mom's recovery.  I went by the hospital yesterday before I left to come back to Georgia and will work this week before heading back to NC for the Christmas break.

After returning form NC I started going through wrapping presents and writing down the list of gifts trying to decide how many I needed to still make, as well as buy.  Have almost the entrie list done just need to decide on what to get my parents.  I think I'll get them both new slippers, and maybe mom a new warm robe and some new pillows or a new pair of sweats and a hoodie for my father.  Have a few more that I have no idea what to get them but I'm sure I'll figure something out.  Most of the presents have already been purchased or constructed.  I had forgot I had purchased several at the wholesale jewelry show in July and "found" them in the pantry while I was moving a few other presents out.  I've already sent a few packages off and will deliver a few more before leaving this Sunday.
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Current Meme - ganked from london_bill [Dec. 11th, 2008|08:12 am]
* Grab the book closest to you. Now.
* Go to page 56.
* Find the 5th and 6th sentence.
* Write these sentences as your comment here.
* Copy these instructions and post to your Livejournal.
* Don't go looking for your favourite book, or the coolest one you have - just grab the closest one.
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Update [Dec. 8th, 2008|08:56 am]
[music |Jimmy Buffett, Jethro Tull, Hank Williams Jr., Grateful Dead, KT Oslin]

Right before I left work for Thanksgiving (thursday before thanksgiving - 11.20) my younger sister called to tell me my mother was in the hospital. Seems the day before, she was at the doctor's office and they were running some tests on her heart when she had a heart attack, 20 hours later my younger sister decided to call and tell me. When she called the doctor had scheduled more tests to find the extent of the heart damage. I left work around 10:15 and drove back to the condo to load up dirty clothes and started towards NC. Along the way I get a phone call from work and I talk them through printing an envelope. Takes about an hour and 2 people to get the job done that I could have had finished in 30 to 45 seconds. After I got to NC, I talked with my younger sister and she and my father were headed back to Ramseur from the hospital so I told them I would meet them at their house. I got to my parents' house around 5pm. My father and younger sister had gotten there and they had finished dinner. My younger sister called the hospital to find out the results of the test, my mother answered the phone and the nurses were just arriving to take her to perform the tests. Seems mom went to the doctor to find out why she was getting so tired and out-of-breath so often. The results reviewed she has several blockages around the heart vessels and one of her heart vessels isn't working properly.

After almost a full week in the hospital, numerous tests, and bad hospital food, mom was released. One of the tests had dye injected into mom to study the blood flow around the various heart vessels. Well the dye the hospital gave her was too strong and her kidneys wasn't able to handle the purifying of the blood situated with the dye. Seems they didn't take into consideration that since mom is a Type-II diabetic, her kidneys may not in the best shape. On Monday (11.24) the family had a meeting with the cardo doctor. During the question-and-answer segment I asked how long would it take mom to recover from the heart surgery and he said about 6 months. If mom had the surgery both she and dad would most likely have to have a day nurse to help them do the daily routine until my younger sister came home from work. The cardo doctor said he didn't want to operate to fix mom's heart until she had her breast cancer operated on. The oncologist said he didn't want to operate until mom's heart was fixed and her kidneys were better. The oncologist said mom could have 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years without surgery. Mom has always been very adamant about nut being "whittled" away with repeated surgeries, she didn't want to be "burned" with the radiation or "poisoned" with the chemo, and that it seems the the minute you perform cancer surgery, the cancer invades another system. Mom has always said that the quality of life is more important than the quantity of life. So it is now a waiting game. She has passed the "2 days" and is almost at the "2 weeks" mark.

Over the weekend (12.06-12.07) we had the 2008 Miss Ruck-n-Maul contest. Seven rugby players doing drag for charity. The Bucks raised from just the tips over $7200 for Jerusalem House in Atlanta, and we most likely raise $2000 the night of the event from door sales and raffle tickets. After the show, Huffdaddyatl, D!, Atlversaguy, DJ Sean Mac, myself and another David went to Las Margaritas for dinner. Got home a little before 11pm and didn't leave the condo until this morning when I left for work.

I've got 6 more days of vacation I have to use before the end of the year so I'm planning on taking the 3 days before Christmas and then 3 days before New Year's so I'll have 2 weeks off from work.  I'll also not have used my Sick Days so I should get an additional week of pay as a bonus.  A lot has changed this past year with work.  I don't have keys to the building so I can't be the first nor last there like when I worked for mom and dad.  I'm encouraged to take my vacation and I now have Life insurance, Long and Short-term Disability insurances.  I've been told that soon I'll have an option for a retirement plan as well.  For the mosat part I am only wearing one major hat instead of doing the jobs of 5 or 6 different people.  For the most part I'm in charge of designing labels, envelopes and inserts for the various products we manufactured, and making sure we have enough of them, ordering when necessary.  I've only had to pack on one order, seems the wonderful Customer Service/Order Entry can't be bothered entrering all the ines of the Purchase Orders and it isn't their fault when the leave 1 line worth almost $18,000 off a confirmation.  I got a call from the customer and he needed to know when the 150,000 lens he ordered would be shipped.  I go out to lens production and asked about the order.  There wasn't a back-order and no orders for that customer.  I go up-stairs looking for the specific PO and find it already shipped, but as I match up the items ordered,I notice the left off line but when pointed out to the person who entered the PO she accuses me of being mistaken and that she would never screw up on entering an order.  She reviews the PO and then accuses me of being "mean" to her.  I go to the VP and tell him I'll go downstairs and start packing and that I'm going to pull everyone off what they are doing in Lens and have them help me.  We had 55,000 lens packed, so only 95,000 needed to ship.  I call the customer to let him know it will ship either the day after next or the day after that.  I go out in the back and start packing around 11:30, soon all the women are helping me pack on this order.  The second in charge in Lens was astounded by how fast I  pack as well as count.  By 4pm I have packed 9,000 lens and everyone has packed over half of what is needed to complete the order.  The next day the person in charge of Lens shows up, she wants to know why I'm packing, I tell her the story about the missing line on the PO and that we needed to get the order out.  She makes a few grumbling sounds until her second comes over and her tells her I can outpack anyone back there and that without me they wouldn't be anywhere near finished.  At 10am we have break and I start counting the finished boxes, we had packed 9,000 more than what we needed.  I tell the person in Shipping he'll have a Canadian shipment, go tell the VP we're finished and then call the customer to tell him his order will be leaving that day.  The customer is happy with the speediness of the response, tells me he knew he could count on me fixing the problem and I go back to my office to collapse.
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2008|03:32 pm]
[music |Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Buffett, George Strait, Billie Holliday]

Last weekend was the final for the Trivia round.  Our team placed 52 out of 1020 teams who finished 4th or higher any of the12 weeks.  Not too bad considering the number of teams and several weeks which we got points there were only 1 or 2 members playing.

All Hallow's Eve is coming up and I need to finish my costume.  I'm going to combine Super Mario with Mario Batali to get Super Mario Batali.  Photos to follow.  Plans right now are to drive into East Point and have dinner with huffdaddyatl</lj>  and D! along with several other people showing up to pass out candy and have a pre-party there.  I've got several bacon-wrapped filets in the freezer which will be thrown on the grill along with a couple of dips and spreads and toasted pita.  huffdaddyatl</lj>  is going to fix some crock-pot bar-be-que.  So we'll have protein and spreads.  I'm sure someone will think to bring veggies.  Was thinking about another Chocolate Bread Pudding made with Krispy Kreme's but I think there will be enough sugar there without dessert.

Then depending on the time, we'll go to FROGS for their Hallowe'en party then after that heading over to the Eagle for more fun and working the back bar as a fund-raiser.  For some reason I'm thinking that I'll need this weekend to recover from Friday night.
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